Waves and Clouds


  Season 4 Episode 38 / 45


Woeste oceaangolven onder een al even grootse wolkenhemel.

Big ocean waves under a big cloudy sky.



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Prachtige Skywatch dit, knappe foto en dito omgeving!!!

Fijne SWF!

Gepost door: Eric | 01-04-10

The clouds and waves seem to match one another!
Beautiful photo, thanks for sharing.

Gepost door: Janis | 01-04-10

Gorgeous skies and waves! What a fantastic capture! Really breathtaking! Love how you've caught the waves breaking against the rocks! Superb! Wishing you a great weekend!


Gepost door: sylvia | 01-04-10

What a fantastic photograph. Everything goes so well together. Thank you for sharing...Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Gepost door: Elisabeth | 02-04-10

wonderful photo, in every way.

Gepost door: Tammie | 02-04-10

Pixellicious Photos Brilliant timing! Awesome shot!

Gepost door: Kcalpesh | 02-04-10

Beautiful! Love the sweeping clouds!

Gepost door: My Camera's Eye | 02-04-10

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