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No no, I will not make a whole serie of them, but I want to show you one sunset more from the 'prairie lake' near Brooks, Alberta - Canada (road 535 - 873) ... It was simply a superb evening and about half an hour later than I took the photo of the 'Pelican sunset' the sky turned totaly orange. Isn't it wonderfull?


Ik ga zeker en vast geen volledige serie van de avondlucht daar aan het prairiemeer nabij Brooks in Canada posten, maar eentje vond ik toch de moeite om nog eens 'in de picture' te zetten voor Sky Watch Friday. Zowat een half uurtje later genomen dan 'Pelican sunset' ...

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Awesome shot. What an amazing sky!

Gepost door: Rob Ripma | 26-03-09

Peace! What a gorgeous and serene moment.

Gepost door: SandyCarlson | 26-03-09

Now that's what I call orange! And it's gorgeous over the lake. ;-)

Gepost door: east Gwillimbury Wow! | 26-03-09

Beautiful..I could get lost in these colors!

Gepost door: Kilauea Poetry | 26-03-09

it is a magnificant sky shot...warm and beautiful.

Gepost door: Erin | 26-03-09

Sometimes the nature makes wonders! This is clarely on of these moments! Beautiful!

Gepost door: Valkyrien | 26-03-09

Can't imagine better settings for late night fishing. Very impressive. Well done! Happy SWF!

Gepost door: prkl | 26-03-09

Absolutely stunning

Gepost door: babooshak | 27-03-09

I'm Trying Honestly What an amazing picture, Such gorgoeus shades of orange.

Gepost door: winifred | 27-03-09

Absolutely Wonderful - I love this photo!!! You sure captured a gorgeous shot!!!

Gepost door: Tricia | 27-03-09

Almost apocalyptic. Fabulous sunset.

Gepost door: Arija | 27-03-09

Beautiful golden light... excellent photo!

My Skywatch:
Full" target="_blank">http://www.birdingmaine.com/skywatch-friday-full-moon-sunset.htm">Full Moon Sunset

Gepost door: MaineBirder | 27-03-09

Beautiful shot.

Gepost door: J Bar | 28-03-09

Wowza! Bright orange sky is fantastic.

Gepost door: Joyce | 03-04-09

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